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Leonard Brand Insider Pick
Leonard Rigid Plastic Mesh Tree Guards
Put a Stop to Damage: Prevents deer and light mechanical damage. Critters won’t be able to bite or rub against tree bark through the sturdy plastic mesh.

Aesthetically Appealing: Mesh design blends into the scenery. Plus, these lasts for years so you can reuse, season after season!
What Our Experts Say…
"Our Leonard Tree Bark Protectors are quick and easy to install and do a great job preventing damage from deer, rabbits, and string trimmers. The mesh design is popular for commercial nursery operations as well as for landscape installations because the product performs well yet is less visible, blending into the scenery. The protector also allows for better air flow, preventing moisture and mildew buildup and the open mesh will not harbor insects and small animals. I've been using these guards on my own property with great success. The planted trees have thrived. . . without damage! "

- Joe Gorham, Leonard Brand Research and Development Insider

Measuring, Surveying & Testing Insider Pick
Soil Moisture Meter - 24in. probe
Accurate Instrument: Gives you instant, accurate moisture readings. Plus, its portable so you can take to any job site.

Don't Over Water: Promotes efficient watering, therefore conserving water!
What Our Experts Say…
"Why guess about how much water your plants need when you can easily find out. The probe is only sensitive at the tip, so it's possible for you to obtain a reading down by the roots without disturbing the mulch or the soil surrounding your plants. This moisture meter saves crews time in the production in the field, helping narrow down what needs water and what doesn't. It's also great for checking coverage of a sprinkler system, checking saturation of drip lines in potted plant production areas or locating a possible leaking water line. I also love it for finding surface water springs or shallow water tables and determining if garden drainage areas are efficient."

- Judy Gay, Measuring, Surveying & Testing Insider

Gardening & Landscaping Tools Insider Pick
Leonard Spring Rakes
Stronger Tines: Steel tines are made from a continuous strand of metal, one side to another which makes these super durable and won’t pull out.

Choose Your Size: Three size rake heads to choose from: 8-in wide, 18-in wide or 24-in wide. 54-in long handle in your choice of hardwood or fiberglass composite.
What Our Experts Say…
"This rake is versatile and durable. The head isn’t just held in place with a screw or pin like many others, the bolt goes all the way through the handle. This one will never get loose and sloppy because the tines are reinforced with an additionn steel spring. Helps ‘dig in’ to wet leaves or grass clippings without damaging the rake – you can even use it to lightly dethatch your lawn! This rake is a key tool to getting my yard work complete!"

- Joe Goldyn, Gardening & Landscaping Tools Insider

Gardening & Landscaping Tools Insider Pick
New! BERNE Classic 5-Pocket Jean
Heavyweight Denim: Pre-washed and a relaxed fit - great jeans for fall and spring!

A Size for Everyone: The extra tall fit me just right, but there are regular, tall, short, and extra short versions too!
What Our Experts Say…
"When I am working outside in the fall, these jeans deliver just the right balance between comfort and protection. Not so thick that you feel like you are fighting to move, not so thin that you feel like you are wearing dress pants. Walking through undergrowth in the woods, kneeling in the garden, raking leaves, or driving equipment these are the jeans of my choice when working outside. The classic construction is cut to fit great over the top of my work boots. Leaves are falling, the yard needs its fall fertilization, mulch needs to added around your tender plants, spring-flowering bulbs need to divided and replanted, fall veggies are still being harvested . . . grab a pair of these jeans and get to work!"

- Fred Deats, Work Wear Insider

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