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Drip Irrigation Systems

A drip irrigation system from A.M. Leonard is an ideal option for watering trees, shrubs, and gardens. We have all the drip irrigation supplies and tools you need, from soaker hoses to irrigation nursery stakes and tree rings. Whether you’re looking for above- or below-ground drip irrigation options, our products are durable and effective, even in harsh conditions.

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123456   62 Items

A localized drip irrigation system can help reduce the loss of nutrients and fertilizer, increase water efficiency, and easily accommodate irregular landscapes. We offer the highest-quality irrigation products, like Toro irrigation tubing, Maxijet irrigation stakes, and Melnor soaker hoses, plus irrigation emitters with a variety of flow rates.

Looking to irrigate a farm, garden, or commercial greenhouse? Drip irrigation is an increasingly popular option, and A.M. Leonard has all the supplies you need to get started, including durable irrigation tubing, mist controllers, drip irrigation hole punchers, 2-in-1 sprinkler/soaker hoses, and much more. For nurseries, a 160-degree fan spray irrigation stake is an ideal option for reaching plants without unwanted overspray.

At A.M. Leonard, we understand that irrigation is vital part of your work and business. Whatever your watering needs, trust us to supply long-lasting, efficient products that will keep your drip irrigation system running smoothly.