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Gardening & Landscaping Tools
New! Leonard Field Hoe
Heavy Duty: Hardened steel blade set at an optimum hoeing angle.

Built to Last: Blade is 3/16" thick heat treated high carbon steel with a fully welded handle socket. Ash handle is both press-fit and riveted so it'll never come loose. Lifetime Warranty.
What Our Experts Say…
"When A.M. Leonard decides to make a hand tool, we do the job better than anyone else. We made a heavy-duty hoe that will break up heavy soil, get to weed roots, and even cut through small tree roots. The head is weighted, sharpened and angled so it takes less effort to cut through whatever you come across. No other field hoe on the market is designed with these improvements. We used this in our garden to break up heavy soil and couldn’t believe how much easier this tool made the job. We’ve painted the entire head to protect the edges.”

-Joe Goldyn, Gardening & Landscaping Tools Insider

Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides Insider Pick
New! Finale® Non-Selective, Post-Emergent Herbicide, 2-1/2 Gallons
Fast Acting: Shows results in 2-4 days. Plus, mixes well with pre-emergent herbicides for extended control

Non-Selective Control: An outstanding alternative to glyphosate
What Our Experts Say…
"With a relatively mild winter almost behind us, we can expect a lot of weed growth this spring and summer. Finale® is a non-selective, post-emergent weed killer that is a great alternative to glyphosate or use in rotation with glyphosate for the best control of stubborn weeds such as marestail, ragweed, parthenium, pigweed, lambsquarters and much more. It controls both annual and perennial weeds, plus mixes well with pre-emergent herbicides for even more control. The active ingredient is glufosinate-ammonium. It works as a foliar-active material with the best results obtained when the weeds are actively growing. Economical to use, only 2 – 4 oz. per gallon of water. A great, fast acting weed control! ”

-Judy Gay, Herbicides, Insecticides, and Fungicides Insider

Work Wear Insider Pick
Leonard Nitrile Work Gloves
All Day Comfort: Thinner, to give you more dexterity. Comfortable for all day use!

Tough on Tasks: Nitrile coated palm and fingers are abrasion and puncture resistant.
What Our Experts Say…
"Our A. M. Leonard Nitrile gloves are one of my favorites to use, day in and day out. Nitrile is lighter than latex, as well as more durable, more puncture resistant, thinner, and more flexible. The nylon liner is cooler and more durable than cotton. These are my go-to gloves for all day wear and use!”

-Fred Deats, Veteran Landscaper and Work Wear Insider

Field Production Insider Pick
Fiberglass Tree Stakes, 8 Year
Reduced Damage: These flexible stakes allow for movement during windy conditions, yet limit the range to reduce permanent damage during high winds.

Durable: Expected 8 year (or more) lifespan, they will not rust, split, freeze, rot or peel like paint.
What Our Experts Say…
"Bamboo is less expensive but sometimes there is a need for a consistent, long-life stake. These are a great option, if the tree sells at a young age they can be removed and reused but if the tree needs additional staking I know that these will last until the tree is dug and shipped out the door. Plus, pointed tips for easier insertion into the ground.”

-Bret Ritter, Veteran Nurseryman and Field Production Insider