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Field Production Insider Pick
New! Leonard Polyester Webbing Rope
Strong yet Supple: Multi-purpose polyester webbing is doubled over and stitched providing a significant 3,000-pound break strength, yet soft so it will prevent any damage to plant material and is easy on the hands.

Endless Uses: Use as a horizontal support line for container stock; large tree staking; large B&B basket tie; equipment tie down lines; utility vehicle tow lines; and much more.
What Our Experts Say…
"There are many products for staking trees and many ways to finish a B&B large tree – this Polyester Webbing is tops in my book for either job. With a 3,000-pound break strength it is perfect for even the largest trees while also being great for staking trees or tying down equipment on my trailers. It is now the only rope being used at my nursery. ”

-Bret Ritter, Veteran Nurseryman and A.M. Leonard Field Production Insider

Irrigation Supplies & Equipment Insider Pick
New! X-Large Tripod Impact Sprinkler
Light Weight: Weighs less than 6 pounds to transport easily, but heavy duty legs increase stability.

Multiple Heights: Adjusts from a working height of 52” to 72”, depending on how far the legs are extended.
What Our Experts Say…
"The dry days of summer are still here, and large areas of turf or plants need regular watering. When you need that added height to get over plants or to broadcast your water farther, this sprinkler is perfect! It’s lightweight so it transports from location to location easily, but the heavy duty legs spread far to assure stability. Use the diffusion screw and adjustable top lever to control distance, and water anything from a narrow strip to 360 degrees with the trip lever. Want to move even more water? Use our new BIRD1-50 or BIRD1-100 hose, the first 1” hose with regular 3/4” hose fittings. They move double the water of a 5/8” hose!”

- -Fred Deats, Veteran Landscaper and Irrigation Supplies & Equipment Insider

Gardening & Landscaping Tools Insider Pick
Leonard All Steel Nursery Spades
Lifetime Guarantee: Blade edge is pre-sharpened so it easily slices through roots and stubborn soils.

Multiple Uses: Use for edging landscape beds, planting and prying trees and shrubs.
What Our Experts Say…
"I consider this to be the most important tool I have for big landscape jobs. It has a variety of uses, such as: edging landscape beds, digging and installing shrubs, trees, perennials, or other plant material. I can divide perennials and grasses, or cut and lift sod. It can also cut through roots. Light enough to use all day long and heavy enough to help get through all types of soils. I'm sure you'll find this to be one of your favorites!"

-Joe Goldyn, Gardening & Landscaping Tools Insider

Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides Insider Pick
Quick Kill Mosquito Larvacide, Dunks or Granules
Highly Effective: Kills mosquitos in larva stage. active ingredient is BTI (Bacillus thuringiensis isrealensis) a naturally occurring bacterium that is deadly to mosquito larvae.

Low Impact: Safe for bird baths, water gardens and fish ponds. Completely degrades, no cleanup.
What Our Experts Say…
"With warm weather fast approaching, the need for mosquito control is ever present this year. Not only are they a nuisance but they transmit diseases. Mosquito Bits® and Dunks® are a great way to kill mosquito in the larva stage so they won't become adults where the females must suck blood from animals or humans so the cycle of laying eggs can be repeated. Not only can you treat water features you want to enjoy like birdbaths, ponds and fountains, but you can also treat areas like hollow trees, culverts and dense shade areas where standing water may linger. This product helps control mosquito populations before they are old enough to bite!"

-Judy Gay, Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides Insider