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Tenax Deer Fencing: Heavy Duty UV-Resistant Polypropylene Mesh
Tough enough to keep the deer out, year after year! Virtually invisible when installed, yet provides considerable protection.
Leonard Rigid Plastic Mesh Tree Guards, Set of 5
Protect your trees from deer, wild critters, trimmers, and more with tree guards that please the eye and blend in. 3 Lengths available.
New! Plantskydd Repellent for Rabbits & Small Critters
No mixing, no mess, just shake it on. Not harmful to pets or humans. OMRI listed organic biodegradable pest control to keep unwanted visitors from destroying plants.
New! Avex Bird and Goose Repellent
Avex is a biodegradable and non-toxic way to keep birds away from valuable crops or areas. This does not harm the animal, but deters them from the affected area.
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