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Greenhouse Production Insider Pick
New! Grow-Plugs, 55-Count
Stable Propagation Medium: The highest quality peat and other organics are blended with a foam binder resulting in a medium that promotes faster rooting for cuttings while also providing consistent moisture for excellent seed germination success.

Easily Matched Tray and Float: A re-usable float kit that comes with a 55 cell Styrofoam floating insert, heavy duty reservoir tray and 2in clear humidity dome.
What Our Experts Say…
"I have searched many places for the perfect plugs for my many propagation methods. The holes in these Grow-Plugs are great for cuttings but are also just the right size to drop seeds into. Perfect system for starting seeds or cuttings (FPST). Combining the Grow-Plugs with the tray kit makes for a quick and simple solution to getting plants off on the right foot. ”

-Bret Ritter, Veteran Nurseryman and A.M. Leonard Greenhouse Insider

Gardening & Landscaping Tools Insider Pick
Leonard Spring Rakes
Lifetime Guarantee: Built to last longer, these rakes are backed by the Leonard Lifetime Warranty!

Stronger Design: Left and right tines are formed as one continuous piece, each set like an inverted ‘V’ that runs from one side to the other to create a durable design.
What Our Experts Say…
"I’ve been using this rake for the past 5 years and haven’t had to re-tighten the bolts holding it together. Our 1-inch diameter hardwood handles offer 10% more handle mass than the standard rake handle. Available with wood, Tuff-Flex or Fiberglass handles. I use it to rake leaves, spread mulch and even loosen soil in our garden. Great rake for spring, summer and fall.”

-Joe Goldyn, Gardening & Landscaping Tools Insider

Safety Equipment Insider Pick
New! PhysiciansCare Eyewash Stations
Protect Employees: Uses standard 16 ounce eyewash replacement bottles. Choose between Single Bottle (EWK16), 2 bottles (ESK32) and single bottle with First Aid Kit (EWK16FAK)

Easy to Install: High impact plastic construction, mounts easily with hardware.
What Our Experts Say…
"The Physicians Care family of eye wash stations allows facility managers a readily available means to comply with OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.151. OSHA requires eye flush be available within a 10 second walk from chemicals and other injurious materials, along with work situations that have airborne particles such as allergens, dust, sawdust or smoke. The smaller size of these stations makes them ideal for placement closer to hazardous areas for immediate response. The removable bottles are also perfect for portable use when transporting an injured worker to a facility for further medical care. Sturdy, highly visible wall station mounts conveniently on wall in hazard areas to offer quick access emergency flushing. Ready for immediate use. ”

- -Fred Deats, Veteran Landscaper and Safety Equipment Insider

Maintenance Supplies Insider Pick
New! 750/500-Pound Lawnmower Lift
Simple Lifting: Air actuated bottle jack for effortless, pump-free lifting

Strong Construction: 750 lb Saddle weight capacity and 500 lb wheel bracket weight capacity. Constructed from welded steel
What Our Experts Say…
"Ideal tool for gaining access to the underside of lawnmowers for maintenance and cleaning. Simply drive onto the wheel brackets, raise it using the pump-free jack, engage the locks and get to work. Scrape away stuck-on grass clippings, sharpen the blades, replace belts or tighten bolts, whatever your need is, this lift can help you do that faster, easier and safer. The pump-free jack uses shop air to power the lift. Constructed from welded steel, it has a weight capacity of 750 pounds saddle weight and 500 pounds wheel bracket weight, so it will accommodate most riding mowers or zero turn mowers. This Pro-Lift mower lift is a sound investment in that it offers less down time for your mowing equipment and less time in the shop and more time out working and earning money!"

-Judy Gay, Maintenance & Shop Supplies Insider

Hardscaping Supplies Insider Pick
New! Pavermate Polymeric Sand, 50 Lb Bag
Cleanest Sand: Washed, dried, and screened multiple times, this polymeric sand is virtually dust free. And Pavermate is unlike any other sand on the market and uses Advanced Polymer Technology.

No Haze: Specifically manufactured Pavermate to prevent hazing and uses natural sand for color and not haze causing artificial pigments.
What Our Experts Say…
"Thanks to today's advances in technology and innovative companies like SRW Products, the quality and availability of building materials are better than ever. One of the more recent advances, polymeric sand, used in place of natural sand to create a solid joint top to bottom in paver joints up to 1-1/2". By solidifying the joints in between pavers this product allows you get the most strength, beauty, and protection out of your project. Polymeric sand is also the best defense against ants, weeds, and prevents joint washout - adding years of maintenance free life to your project. Now, since polymeric sands have arrived on the market many are skeptical, or have tried a like product and experienced difficulties: hazing, staining, flaking, cracking, and the like. But, I am here to tell you that with Pavermate, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain because the installation is perfect every time. So here's why you should use Pavermate and stop wasting time and money re-sanding pavers and repairing washout. "

-Brian Stephens, Hardscaping Supplies Insider