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For those seeking extensive and uniform water coverage, check out Nelson's Oscillating Sprinkler. This top seller covers up to 3,500 square feet and is built with a strong metal base, a brass swivel coupling, and a spray tube with 19 jets that provide a reliable and accurate flow. Our customers love this sprinkler for its dependable performance and simple operation.

If you're looking for an industrial-grade watering pistol for your nursery or garden, the Nelson Industrial Watering Pistol is an ideal choice. The pressure from this multi-purpose water gun is rated to 100 psi and can handle hot water up to 160 degrees F. The spray can be adjusted to whatever flow you require, from a soft mist to a forceful stream.

With Nelson and A.M. Leonard, you can trust to find the right watering equipment at the right price. Take a look at our inventory today.