Peters, J.R. (Jack's)

Jack's Professional is J.R. Peters' line of premium-quality fertilizer, which A.M. Leonard offers in a variety of types and sizes for our professional clientele. Nothing beats an effective water-soluble fertilizer, and J.R. Peters' Jack's Professional fertilizers are some of the best you can buy. Ideal for use with fertilizer injectors in flowerbeds, greenhouses, and nurseries, these formulas provide a distinct blend of nutrients that will have your vegetables, plants, and flowers healthy and vibrant year-round.

Our customers love to use Jack's Professional's enhanced water-soluble formulas. From flowers to watermelons, there's no shortage of plants that can benefit from these simple-to-use fertilizers. Use with a watering system to deliver beneficial nutrients quickly and precisely.

A.M. Leonard offers the 20-20-20 Balanced Water-Soluble Fertilizer in a 25-pound bag that quickly delivers foliar expansion and greenup. Customers rave about this formula for its success with greenhouse operations, flowerbeds, vegetable growth, and container gardens.

Gardeners and landscapers trust A.M. Leonard to offer the best fertilizer products at the right prices. If you're in need of quality water-soluble fertilizers, don't look any further than our selection of J.R. Peters products. Check out our customer reviews and inventory to find the right option for you.