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10-Tine Razor-Back® Forged Steel Scoop Fork, 30-inch D-Grip Handle

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Great all-around scoop fork for mulch, ensilage, manure and more!

Ideal for mulch, vegetables, ensilage and more. This tool has 10 forged steel tines which are 15.5 inches long and 17 inches along the tine curve. 15 inch wide head has 1.625-inch tine spacing. 30-inch D-grip handle. Shipping weight of 7 lbs.

Product Information

Product Specs
10 forged diamond (shaped) tines, 15 1/2in. long, 17in along curve, 1 5/8in. apart, 15in. wide, handle length 30in., D-style grip of wood and steel. (measurements are approximate)
PFR Warranty
Manufacturer supplies a warranty on Razor-back branded product which if it does not perform satisfactorily in the application for which it was intended will be replaced at the point of purchase free of charge.
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