4-Year, 6 mil Premium Greenhouse Grow Films

Florikan Fertilizer

Ginegar's greenhouse film has the 5-layer advantage that you won't find anywhere else. This is the best film that will give you "poly peace of mind". It is engineered by an exclusive system that mixes UVA inhibitors, an anti-dust barrier plus other additives throughout each of the five layers. The additives are deeply embedded and Ginegar's film will outlast any other brand out in the sun, rain, wind and snow! 4-year, 6 mil films with 5-layer technology are available in any length, with widths up to 50 feet!

Master rolls are always in stock, then custom-cut and packed to YOUR specifications, and then shipped quickly from our national distribution center (usually 72 hours, emergency orders within 48 hours!). Tubes in widths of 12 – 25 feet; roll widths from 12 to 50 feet. We're the fastest in the industry to deliver YOUR poly!


Suncover #U46C: Clear with UVA Inhibitor and Anti-Dust additives. Popular available widths: 24ft, 28ft, 32ft, 40ft, 48ft, 50ft but ask and we'll customize! Standard MSRP for 1,000 square feet = $89.99, 10+ @ $85.99

Sunsaver #UIA46C: Like Suncover above but also with infrared blocker and anti-drip additives. Popular available widths: 24ft, 28ft, 32ft, 40ft, 48ft, 50ft but ask and we'll customize! Standard MSRP for 1,000 square feet = $99.99, 10+ @ $95.49


Florikan Fertilizer


Florikan Fertilizer


Florikan Fertilizer


Florikan Fertilizer

IR Blocker

Florikan Fertilizer

Light Diffusion

  • These 3 are in-stock now!

    • Anti-Dust: This exceptionally smooth layer helps to keep the film clean and clear of dust for better light transmission. All our films include Anti-Dust at no extra charge!
    • Anti-Drip: Encourages condensation to run off down the poly wall. Improves light transmission by 25% and prevents dripping onto plants. You'll see increased yields, fewer viruses, and a longer harvest!
    • Infrared Blocker: Decreases loss of infrared (IR) waves at night. Retains more heat in the coldest early morning hours. Lowers heating bills, increases leaf temperature and reduces condensation, for less fungi germination and higher yields. Reduces possible frost damage.
  • These 3 are custom-order (please allow 8 weeks for delivery):

    • Anti-Virus: A popular choice! Blocks specific UV rays that insects need to thrive. Insects in the greenhouse become localized and dormant, so they don't spread viruses from plant to plant.
    • Anti-Mist: Minimizes fogging inside the greenhouse. Helps reduce leaf diseases and allows maximum light transmission in climates with wide temperature variations.
    • Light Diffusion: Diffuses light entering the greenhouse. Greatly improves photosynthesis, and helps eliminate hot spots and shadows caused by structures and hanging plants.

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