Read grower testimonials from across the country! They counted on OW Plus poly to protect their plants during the harsh '13-'14 winter!

Overwinter Plus from A.M. Leonard and Ginegar

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It's An Incredible Story:

  • Ginegar Plastics — the leader in poly film technology — used by growers in 50 countries and 6 continents.

  • 30+ years of intensive research and development with numerous designs, prototypes, tests, re-engineering, and more testing.

  • The Result: OW Plus OverWinter Film — lighter but stronger, thinner but tougher than standard OW films.

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The Next Generation of Poly Film: Overwinter Plus!

  • Choose 2.5, 3 or 4 mil OW Plus that will last one full season against rain, sun, wind and snow!
  • Scientific research shows: OW Plus is up to 66% stronger than standard overwinter film.

Poly comparison chart

Replace standard 3 mil with 2.5 mil OW Plus.

Replace standard 4 mil with 3 mil OW Plus.

Replace standard 5 & 6 mil with 4 mil OW Plus.


Tested at Over 100 Locations Nationwide:

Poly with Snow Poly with Snow Poly with Snow Inside View Poly with Snow Inside View

"Very excited about the performance of the 2.5mil poly we have tested. This winter [2013-2014] has had its challenges with extreme cold, high winds, and a wide range of snow cover. The 2.5mil poly has held up to everything this winter had to offer and then some." (shown above)— Bill M. from Klyn Nurseries


"“The summer of 2013 I was asked to trial the 2.5 mil OW Plus poly from Ginegar for the winter of 2013-14. Had I known what the winter was going to be like… (bitter cold, numerous high wind events coupled with several significant snow loads, and some freezing rain to boot), I probably would have declined. It was a very limited trial comparing the 2.5 mil OW Plus with my typical 3.0 mil OW poly that I have been purchasing from Ginegar for years. Only one 720ft x 17.5ft cold frame was covered with the remaining 150 cold frames receiving the standard cover. The cold frame selected was in our most wind prone location. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by its performance. There was no appreciable difference between the durability of the 2.5 mil OW Plus and the standard 3.0 mil OW poly. What will I do going forward? Such a limited trial is insufficient evidence for me to completely make the switch, but I will definitely be expanding the trial next year and potentially years to come.” - Paul Van Oteghem, VP of Production, Home Nursery, Illinois


Read grower testimonials, from across the country, on how they counted on OW Plus poly to protect their plants during this harsh 2013-2014 winter!


save up to 30%

Replace standard
Overwinter Poly
with OW Plus –

depending upon
the millage you buy.

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