Like Overwinter Plus, our Cover Plus Film is Stronger than Standard Cover Films, AND a Better Value!

Our Cover Plus film is revolutionary, a real game-changer, and it's also a great value! Save money with 2.5, 3 or 4 mil films that offer the strength and durability of standard films TWICE that thickness!

A.M. Leonard is proud to partner with Ginegar Plastics to offer this revolutionary formulation that provides additional mechanical strength for added security when regular covering is just not enough.

Our 3 and 4 mil Overwinter and Cover Plus films offer the strength and durability that can replace films that are TWICE their thickness. You'll see a SIGNIFICANT COST SAVINGS and enjoy "poly peace of mind". Cover Plus Film is built to last for multiple seasons, and comes in either black or black/white.

  • Protect against sun, wind, rain and snow!
  • Use as a weed barrier for orchard plantings and row crops.
  • Use as a structure covering for your warehouse storage area.
  • Use as a floating bed liner for aquatics and tobacco propagation.
  • Use for darkening and shade effect for dormancy and flower production.
  • Cover Plus has been proven to last many years because of its unique UV stabilizer package not offered by other manufacturers.

Offers REAL COST SAVINGS while providing greater mechanical strength than film TWICE its thickness. The chart below shows the true strength of Cover Plus!Poly Chart
For example, our 3mil Cover Plus has greater elongation before break, and so much more tear resistance. The bottom line: Our 3mil beats their 4mil!

Spend LESS AND Get MORE Protection with our Cover Plus Film!

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