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41% Glyphosate Herbicide, 2.5 Gallon Jug

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# CL41
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Weight: 25.30 lbs

A broad spectrum post-emergence herbicide for weed control.

Penetrates plants through leaf surface and moves to the roots quickly to provide complete control of broadleaf and grassy weeds, brush and vines. A complete professional herbicide for industrial, turf, and ornamental weed control. Concentrated formula can be mixed to varying rates and volumes for your specific application. Active ingredient: 41 glyphosate joined with a surfactant for greatest performance. 2-1/2 gallon container. A.M. LEONARD'S SUPPLIER CARRIES VARIOUS BRANDS, DEPENDING ON CURRENT COSTS. ALL BRANDS ARE EQUIVALENT TO EACH OTHER.


Active ingredient 41% glyphosate. Inactive ingredient 59% including surfactant. 2.5 gallon container. Can be used on crops with the Roundup Ready gene.


Manufacturer warrants product conforms to the chemical description on the label.

Application Rates

Application rates vary, but for most perennial weeds, general spray tank application is 1 to 3 quarts per acre mixed with 3 to 30 gallons of water. Hand-held spot treatment generally uses a 2 solution, or 2 and 2/3 ounce per gallon. Refer to Supplemental Use Label (Booklet) for more detailed application rates.


    <b>QUESTION:</b> Why does your CL41 come in a variety of brands? Sometimes it is Clearout 41 Plus, Buccanneer Plus, Credit Extra, or Honcho Plus.<b>ANSWER:</b> The active ingredient is 41% Glyphosate. At one time, Monsanto had the rights to use Glyphosate in Roundup. When that copyright ran out, they could not renew it. Many chemical companies then came forward with their own version, often at a competitive price. So you will find many other brands besides ours on the market.<b>QUESTION:</b> The Clearout 41 Plus brand has "Danger" on the label's precautionary statement, while other 41% glyphosate makers put "Caution" or "Warning". Why?<b>ANSWER:</b> There are three levels of precaution on labels: "Caution", "Warning" and "Danger". The last one, "Danger", implies the user must take the most extreme steps for safety and precaution when using. The reason Clearout 41 Plus says "Danger" is because one of its inactive ingredients is an emulsifier the EPA deems to be caustic to eyes, and can cause permanent damage. Therefore, it earned a "Danger" on it's label.

Review Summary (Based on 16 Reviews)

5 Stars

Weeds Joe from NM wrote September 27, 2019

Works on weeds regular Roundup does not kill. I have a few weeds that are near impossible to kill and this does the job.

5 Stars

weed killer george from MS wrote July 20, 2017

item comes with seal under cap- great stuff

5 Stars

"Just as good as Roundup!" John and Beth from PA wrote November 08, 2011

My wife and I manage a 10 acre property with both formal and naturalized gardens. We are bordered on all sides by active farms. So, as many know, drifting weed seeds are a constant problem as well as encroachment from invasives like stilt grass, garlic-mustard, and multiflora rose. We have always used Roundup and, indeed, it gives excellent results. But the price for the quantities we need can be overwhelming. We have just started using A M Leonard's 41% Glyphosate, and have been pleasantly surprised. It has performed just as well as the branded product. We avoid disturbing soil, so when starting a garden bed, we hit the area with herbicide. The A M Leonard product provided excellent die back on low turf areas and also has been great with woody based plants like honeysuckle and multiflora rose. We will definitely use this product in the future!

5 Stars

Moss killer Dean, homeowner in rainy Puget Sound, WA from WA wrote September 30, 2011

Bought Glyphosate instead of Roundup to control growth of moss on driveway and roof in western Washington. Works great on weeds and grass too!

5 Stars

CL41 kyle g from PA wrote September 25, 2011

very effective and quick results, will purchase again before i buy brand name

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