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42 Gallon Tuff Contractor Bags


Perfect for landscapers and contractors!

Noramco makes their 42-Gallon Tuff Contractor Bags using a blend of high-quality prime and recycled resins. These black liners measure 33 inches wide, 48 inches tall, and 3 mils thick. They feature a flat seal and include twist ties. Noramco packages these bags in coreless rolls and ships them in convenient 20-bag or 32-bag cases. Tuff Contractor Bags provide maximum puncture and tear resistance. This strength makes them ideal for landscapers or contractors who need a tougher liner. They work well for landscaping, construction, roofing, or remodeling jobs. Since they fit a wide variety of trash cans, they are an excellent choice for nearly any workshop. Tuff Contractor Bags are incredibly cost-effective. Their unique resin blend offers superior strength and stretch, allowing them to hold heavy or sharp materials. Noramco has over three decades in the plastics business, and this experience shows in the durability and quality of these bags. Plus, they make them right here in the USA!
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