42-inch Fury Snow Pusher

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# FURY42
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Weight: 10.00 lbs
The 42" Fury is an extra-wide snow pusher designed to make short work of even the heaviest snow falls. The PRO Fury Line features a lightweight aluminum, U handle and the patented EZ Glide Edge. The EZ Glide Edge is durable enough to clear snow from aggregate, broken concrete or gravel surfaces but will not scratch or gouge wood or composite decking material like a steel edge will. MANPLOWs are designed to be DURABLE. You can expect your MANPLOW to triumph over Mother Nature season after season. MANPLOW PRO Fury models feature a replaceable EZ Glide Edge; expect 200-300 shoveling hours before needing to be replaced. Replace with Model # FURYEGE42. MADE IN THE USA!


  • 42" x 13" HDPE composite blade
  • Overall height 48"
  • 1" wide EZ Glide edge
  • Aluminum handle

Product Features

  • Fury can give 200 to 250 hours before needing to replace the white EZ Glide Edge
  • Won't scratch surfaces
  • Works on uneven surfaces

Review Summary (Based on 3 Reviews)

5 Stars

Moves a ton of snow! Well worth it. Andrew Gioia from PA wrote February 07, 2019

This plow is worth every penny and has honestly been one of the best tools I've purchased in years. We have two pretty long driveways and a parking area that I had previously been managing with a regular shovel and front plow on my riding mower. I use this now to completely clear the front 200ft driveway in 10-20 minutes depending on snowfall, a *massive* time savings on those annoying 1-4'' snows. I did our back 400ft driveway twice for the exercise and it took about 40 minutes both times. I cannot recommend this plow enough, even for smaller driveways—it will always save you a ton of time. The build quality and durability are excellent and this thing handles our very rough driveways pretty easily. If we had a smooth paved surface it would clear it in minutes, it just moves so much snow.

5 Stars

A great tool for the right conditions Ty from OH wrote January 08, 2018

I like the speed at which I can clear my driveway as compared to a snowblower. If the snow is fluffy and less than three inches, I opt for the manplow every time. It is way faster and easier for lower depths of snow than a normal shovel or blower.

5 Stars

The ultimate pusherman YesMan from NY wrote December 13, 2017

I take care of the wide sidewalks in front of a commercial building and this works great for the fast clearing of light snow up to 4" or so.