Abasol Micro Injected Fungicide and Insecticide Quarter Flat of 24 Capsules


An insecticide and a fungicide in one easy-to-use application!

Mauget combined their Abacide™; Insecticide and Fungisol® Fungicide to create Abasol™;. Abasol™; contains the active ingredients debacarb (1.70%), abamectin (0.46%), and carbendazim (0.30%). This broad-spectrum, closed-system product comes in single-use capsules. Each quarter-flat contains 24 individual capsules. Choose your desired capsule volume below. Most often, the decline of trees and plants results from a combination of pests. In their weakened state, these plants are vulnerable to attacks from disease-causing organisms. The unique formulation of Abasol™; suppresses over 31 disease-causing pathogens. It also offers long-lasting control of over 14 species of insects including spider mites and pine nematodes. See the technical notes below for a more detailed list of targeted insects and diseases. Apply Abasol™; when signs of disease first appear. Use only as a post-bloom application. Refer to the product label in the links section below for application instructions and dosage rates. Mauget developed Abasol™; to save you time and expense. This product has proven its effectiveness in numerous university studies and field tests. Its all-in-one formulation means you only need to apply it once for all-season protection! We are unable to sell or ship this product to customers in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, and West Virginia.
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