Aervoe Inverted Marking Paint 15oz. Glo Green

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Aervoe Inverted Marking Paint 15oz. Glo Green

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Faster delivery rate for better coverage and darker lines, gets the job done faster and lasts longer Lines are 25 wider than other brands Toluol/toluene and lead free: safer for you and the environment!Easy to use all-purpose aerosol marking paint has patented spray through cap that can be left on during use or easily removed. Paint provides good visibility into the two-month range. Non-clogging cans empty contents completely. Use by hand or with marking handles. 12 - 15 oz cans per case. Lead Free, Toluene Free, No CFC's. Available in fluorescent Glo colors: red, yellow, orange, green and pink. Standard colors: red, white, blue.

Product Information

Product Specs
Non-toxic, 12 aerosol cans per case, weight 16lbs., available in red, white, blue, yellow, orange, and green, approx. 1,500 linear feet per can. Can size is 20 oz., but contains 15 oz. product. No fluorocarbons. Contains propane. APM is extremely flammable. **THIS IS NOT INTENDED TO BE USED AS A SPORTS FIELD MARKING PAINT. THIS IS A GENERAL PURPOSE PAINT, USED FOR TEMPORARY MARKING. THIN MARKING(such as an area to plant a shrub or marking underground utilities) WON'T HURT THE GRASS.**
Product Features
The Aervoe marking paint can be used in both the Aervoe AM10 and AM32 marking guns as well as the Fox Valley PM2 and EM6 marking guns. NOTE: The red in this color (item number APM 1R) is a day-glow hot red. If you want a scarlet red, order APM SC.
Product Benefits
Faster delivery rate:Get better coverage and darker lines when marking ?on the go', which allows you to complete tasks faster and provide longer-lasting results Wider linesLines are 25 wider than other brands, which helps you and others to find your marks faster and easierToluol/toluene and lead freeSafer for you . . . safer for the environment. Check with your local regulations and your Safety Officer to see if you are required to use a toluol/toluene and lead free product
Additional Product Information
PFR Warranty
Shelf life is 12 to 24 months, but mfg. will only guarantee for 1 year after purchase.
QUESTION: Why am I having problems with clogging? ANSWER: The most common reason for clogging is clogged tips, not bad paint. It is recommended that after use the can be held upright while depressing the nozzle for a few seconds. This will clean out the paint from the nozzle tip. Also, be sure to thoroughly shake the cans before each use to keep pigment in suspension. QUESTION: Can the APM be shipped via UPS Second Day or Next Day Air? ANSWER: Unfortunately current regulations do not allow the shipment of aerosol cans through air delivery. QUESTION: How long will it last if sprayed on a tree? ANSWER: Mfg. states it will last for up to 2 months.
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