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AgBio Poison-Free Fly Traps

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AgBio Poison-Free Fly Traps

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Eliminate Flies in a Clean, Safe Way

AgBio Poison-Free Fly Traps effectively trap most prevalent species including house flies, stable flies, blow flies, blue and green bottle flies, carrion flies, flesh flies and many others. To use, simply add water to the potent insecticide-free attractant; it will dissolve and activate quickly. Then hang in problem areas to eradicate flies. Once lured inside the trap, the flies cannot escape and drown in the water added to the bag. Trap is sealable for sanitary disposal when full.

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  • Attracts Muscidae, a family commonly known as house flies or stable flies. This family contains almost 4,000 described species in over 100 genera.
  • Also attracts Calliphoridae (commonly known as blow flies, blow-flies, carrion flies, bluebottles, greenbottles, or cluster flies), a family with 1,100 known species. Sarcophagidae are a family commonly known as flesh flies.
  • Trap is sealable for sanitary disposal when full.
  • Potent insecticide-free attractant included, just add water.
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