Aluma-Boss Double Faced Aluminum Tags

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Permanent, all-weather labeling!

Each side takes an impression, with no show-through now complete with 9" non-rust stainless steel ties. Packed 500 tags/wires per box, priced per box.
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Aluminum with stainless steel ties; wires are included but not attached. Use pencil or pen to create a permanent embossed impression.

Product Benefits

Embossed impression does not wear off; excellent for I.D. purposes. Any pointed object will work for embossing.

Review Summary (Based on 8 Reviews)

5 Stars

long lasting tags wrote

I use these tags in my nursery to identify camellia plants. they last and don't fade or fall off. I have some on stock plants that have been on the plants for up to 10 years. check it out at

4 Stars

aluminum tags wrote

My initial order was for tags with the attached wire. I recieved the wrong tags which did not have the wire. It took some time and a lot of effort, but we did finally get the correct metal tags. They worked well for our applicaiton. We were using them to attach to an electric deer fence. We applied peanut butter to the tags to help imprint the deer to the fence. They worked well. Normally I use these for research plots in forestry.

4 Stars

Wire ties don't stay attached to the tag wrote

Price is right. Use 3 inch nails to attach tag to the tree.

5 Stars

Fruit trees and plants wrote

I work at a museum with an organization called the Backyard Fruit Growers. Each Spring we offer a workshop on grafting fruit trees. We use hundreds of the aluminum tags as they are one of the only ones that actually last! By embossing and printing on them, they can always be read from year to year. Even permanent marker fades away. We also use them on plants in our gardens here at the museum to identify herbs and perennials from year to year. Upon receipt of this email I was afraid they were being discontinued! Please don't ever let that happen!

5 Stars

Great simple product! wrote

Plain and simple product to use. No bells and whistles, just very practical. Love it.