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Aquascape Beneficial Pond Bacteria

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Helps maintain a balanced pond ecosystem!

Beneficial Bond Bacteria contains eight pure strains of beneficial bacteria. This combination includes PSB bacteria, enzymes, and essential vitamins. Each bottle contains one pound of concentrate.

Many factors disrupt the ecosystem in enclosed water systems. These factors include fish load, uneaten fish food, and organic materials (leaves, sludge, and other debris). Beneficial Pond Bacteria releases around 3 billion colony-forming units per ounce. This high CFU allows for consistent and effective treatment, correcting any imbalances in the pond ecosystem. This product is safe for fish, aquatic plants, pets, and wildlife.

A single scoop of Beneficial Pond Bacteria treats approximately 1,300 gallons of water. A full one-pound bottle treats around 104,000 gallons!

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Container weight (pounds): 1 pound
  • Water volume treated per scoop (gallons): 1,300
  • Water volume treated per bottle (gallons): 665,000
Product Features
  • Concentrated beneficial bacteria
  • Eight strains of concentrated beneficial bacteria
  • Added marigold and vitamin B for proper fish health
Product Benefits
  • Maintains a balanced ecosystem in enclosed water systems
  • Releases around 3 billion CFU for consistent and effective treatment
  • Safe for fish, aquatic plants, pets, and wildlife
  • Concentrated formula allows you to treat a large volume of water
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