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Since its establishment in 1972, Arcoa Industries has created tools to simplify your everyday chores. Their E-Z Reacher does just this, eliminating the need for bending, kneeling, or reaching for objects more than an arm's length away. The E-Z Reacher can grasp items as delicate as a feather and can handle heavier items such as small rocks. With sizes ranging from 32” to 69”, you can be sure to find one that meets your needs on AM Leonard.

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Viewing 1 - 6   6 Items

How do you use an Arcoa E-Z Reacher?

Using the E-Z Reacher is simple: Just press down on the handle trigger and the two gripping cups on the end of Reacher will grasp the items you are hoping to reach. The rubber material on the gripping cups allows you to get a firm hold on your targeted items.


How can I utilize an Arcoa E-Z Reacher in my garden?

Maintaining your garden becomes a simpler task with the E-Z Reacher. You can landscape areas and pick up items that you wouldn’t dare to touch with your bare hands. Use the E-Z Reacher to clean up ponds or tall hedges that would have previously been beyond your grasp. Bring the E-Z Reacher with you on your riding lawn mower and pick up items in your way without having to pause!