ARS LongReach Super Light Fixed Length Pruner

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ARS long reach pruners make the hardest to reach pruning jobs easy. Unique handle design allows for full 180 degree rotation for the right angle every time. Hard chrome plated, high carbon steel blades cut clean, hold their edge. Lightest ARS Series. Minimizes fatigue.
Item # Pruner Type Shipping Weight Length Cutting Capacity Stock Status 1 – 4 5 + Qty
LRCH4 Cut & Hold Pruner 2 lbs 4 feet fixed 1/4 inch , or 1/2 inch with gripper removed In Stock $100.69 $97.57
LRP6 Razor Edge Bypass Pruner 5 lbs 6 feet fixed 1/2 inch Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$112.09 $108.28
LRP4 Razor Edge Bypass Pruner 2 lbs 4 feet fixed 1/2 inch Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$98.79 $95.64
LRCH6 Cut & Hold Pruner 5 lbs 6 feet fixed 1/4 inch, or 1/2 inch with gripper removed In Stock $120.19 $115.71

Review Summary (Based on 4 Reviews)

3 Stars

watch the handle wrote

Sharp and light. The only drawback is the handle has pinched my hand enough that I am looking for something better.

5 Stars

ARS Long Reach Fixed Pruner wrote

Likes: Really cuts down on the labor, great safety because your not climbing on step ladders.

Dislike: After 3 or more years of use the cutting head turns almost 90deg due to the long alum shaft bending due to it being stressed each time you squeeze the handle to cut a branch. Think the manufacturer could solve this by running spiral winding weld down the shaft to give it more strength. Blade has stayed sharp. No issues with cutting head. I just bought another one today so I must like it better than dislike it.

4 Stars

ARS LongReach Super Light Fixed Length Pruner wrote

I bought this tool after I saw them being used at the Annual Tree Conference in Gainesville last year to demonstrate light tree pruning. The pruner has been a great convenience for cutting vines and large weeds in the ditches and natural areas of our 10-acre nursery, in addition to shaping the trees. It's easy to clean and has stayed sharp for going on a year now. The only negative is that the flesh of my thumb where it joins my hand sometimes gets pinched in the operation. This is why I rated the pruner a 4 (would've been 4.5 if available). If you can tell me how to avoid the pinching, I'll rate the pruner a 5. It's a great tool.

5 Stars

First Choice for Extended Pruner wrote

I have had one of these among my assortment of 1/2 dozen pruners for years and I use these almost exclusively. Just had to have another one. Very positive mechanics works with almost no slop that eliminates bark pealing. Narrow jaws are a real plus as is the light weight, I sometimes use these 10 hrs a day for several days in a row and the shoulders take a real beating regardless but these are as light as they come. Unless you really need it go for the one piece not the extending model and skip the 'cut and hold' style for most jobs - you can cut larger limbs and get into forks much better without it.

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