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ARS Super TURBO Cut Saw Poles, Telescoping up to 18.5 feet


Lightweight, durable aluminum with quick and easy-to-use extension!

Choose the pole you need then choose a saw head (#34EXP or #UV40) to design your own custom pole saw! The super long reach telescoping poles easily and quickly extend to reach the toughest areas. Poles are lightweight, durable aluminum, specially shaped for increased stability. Note: Saw heads sold separately.

Product Information

Product Features
Telescoping pole is operated with small button on side of pole which raises and lowers it in sections. It can then be locked in with levered locking mechanism into the section with the black track or "teeth". The innermost pole the one with no black track or "teeth" cannot be set in any position. It can only remain in the innermost position, or be set in it's fullest extension where it "clicks" in place. Light weight construction for ease of use.
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