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Corona All-Steel Spade with 15-Inch Blade

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Maximum digging and prying power!

This Corona All-Steel Spade features a 12-gauge, heat-treated steel blade. This 15-inch long blade measures 7-3/8 inches in width at the top and tapers to 6 inches at the bottom. Corona equips this spade with a 54-inch tubular steel handle. This handle has a cushioned. Each spade includes a preinstalled foot pad on the blade.

This spade is a must have for a multitude of landscaping tasks. It is especially ideal for harvesting and planting trees and shrubs. Even the toughest soils are no match for the heavy-duty steel blade. The preinstalled foot pad provides increased surface area and provides a degree of comfort during use.

The Corona All-Steel Spade offers maximum digging and prying power! The 12-gauge steel blade and tubular steel handle are incredibly durable. A welded construction gives this tool a long service life. Corona backs this quality tool with a lifetime warranty!

WARNING: All-steel shovels and spades should not be used in areas where underground electric lines, wires, or cables may be present.

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  • Handle lift (inches): 12
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