Since 1965, Earthway products have delivered superior spreading, spraying, and seeding technology for all types of horticultural professionals. At A.M. Leonard you will find a great selection of Earthway tools in all shapes and sizes, from large, wheeled sprayers to traditional Kentucky-style high wheel cultivators. If you are looking for equipment that will increase performance and efficiency, A.M. Leonard's Earthway inventory is a great place to start.

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Earthway designs products for durable commercial use, and the Earthway Spray Pro Wheeled Sprayer is no exception. This 6.6-gallon sprayer applies at a width of up to 5 feet and is perfect for use during all seasons. Whether you are spreading deicer, fertilizer, or pest control, this heavy-duty tool provides a consistent application rate and is easy to push and maneuver.

If you are looking at spot treatments or a smaller spreading project, check out Earthway's Hand Crank Spreader. This lightweight spreader features an ergonomic design that is easy to grip and comfortable to use. The sturdy, 1.8-liter poly hopper is shaped like a scoop, making it easy to fill and distribute.

Professional landscapers, gardeners, and nursery workers require spreading and spraying equipment that is long lasting and easy to operate. With A.M. Leonard's selection of high-quality Earthway products, you get this and more. Check out our inventory today and find the right fit for your operation.