Since 1872, Seymour Manufacturing has been a leading producer of agricultural and landscaping tools. That's more than 140 years of quality and experience going into every tool and product they offer. At A.M. Leonard, we've got a great selection of Seymour tools, including shovels, hoes, augers, machetes, pliers, and replacement parts ? all durably designed for rigorous professional work. If you're in need of superior-quality landscaping tools that are built to last, you've come to the right place.

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If you're looking to break through hard soil, nothing beats a Seymour hoe. We stock a wide variety of their heavy-duty hoes that will get the job done. The Seymour Italian Grading Hoe is 7x10 inches and includes a 41-inch handle. It features a rugged, forged-steel blade that makes it perfect for pulling and mixing tough soil.

For softer soil, check out Seymour Manufacturing's Forged Caprock Irrigation Shovel with 48-inch fiberglass handle. This is perfect for digging trenches and working in muddy terrain. If tough roots are giving your trouble, the Seymour Sawtoothed Shovel is a great option. It features an innovative carbon-steel sawtooth design that will easily cut through roots and hard soil.

Whether you're in the garden or out on the job, Seymour tools provide unmatched performance and durability that professionals can't do without. Check out A.M. Leonard's wide selection of Seymour Manufacturing products today and find the perfect fit for you.