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Professional bow saws for demanding applications.

Tubular steel frame, contour lever lock. Plastic grip, pointed nose. This saw uses a superior blade with raker teeth for cutting dry and green wood.

Typical bow saws come with the Peg Tooth pattern blade which just includes cutter teeth. That pattern blade can cut dry, very hard, or brittle wood; however, it does not have special large gullets for sawdust. The sawdust is carried out in the small spaces between the teeth. Green wood, or wet or resinous sawdust can bind up the peg tooth pattern. Wet or green wood is hard to remove from the kerf (slot you are cutting) because it is resilient. Even when the fiber is cut, it clogs a saw's cutter teeth before you can get it out of the kerf.

However, this Bahco saw uses the Raker Tooth pattern blade with special teeth for more effective cutting. With the raker blade, the cutter teeth will work more effectively with less effort. Even though the rakers don't cut anything, they perform the other two functions of saw teeth: breaking loose the cut fiber, and removing it from the log. Rakers remove material whether the saw is being pushed or pulled. When rakers are shaped properly and their depth has been set accurately, they pull out shavings of wood rather than sawdust. Choose your blade length below.
Item # Application Length Weight Stock Status 1 – 2 3 + Qty
924BS Green/Dry Wood 24-inch Raker Blade 1.7 lbs In Stock $28.79 $24.79
930BS Green/Dry Wood 30-inch Raker Tooth Blade 1.9 lbs In Stock $27.79 $23.79


  • Steel frame
  • Plastic handle
  • Hardened and tempered high quality steel blade


Manufacturer guarantees item to be free from defects in material and workmanship.

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4 Stars

Untitled wrote


5 Stars

bow saw wrote

I'm a trails chairman for a land trust. These saws are great and hold up well. I am often surprised at the number of trees I'm able to remove with them, instead of needing a chainsaw.

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