Bare Ground Anti-Snow/De-Icer Spray

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Ice in the parking lot and on the sidewalks - what a hassle to deal with.

Next time, spray to stop snow or ice from sticking! A single spray lasts up to 2 weeks, and has 8 times the coverage of salts. Note: Please do not apply above 35° Fahrenheit.

Stop damaging ice and snow buildup before it forms with the professional's choice for preventative snow maintenance. Bare Ground anti-icing/de-ice solution will stop the accumulation of up to 3 inches of snow. Bare Ground has been extensively tested and used by the Department of Transportation and Public Works in many snow states throughout the country. Apply as an anti-snow solution before snow falls to stop the accumulation of snow or ice. Bare Ground coats the surface to prevent snow and ice from adhering, working from the bottom up and has a 10 to 14 day anti-bonding residual reactivation effect.

A single spray lasts up to 2 weeks, and has 8 times the coverage of salts. Environmentally safe and biodegradable, harmless to pets and livestock and safe for roofs and leaves, one gallon is equivalent to 50 pounds of salts or pellets. One gallon covers about 1,100 square feet. Dilute with 50% water to protect delicate shrubs and trees, effective to 20 degrees below zero. Magnesium chloride (MgCL2 with inhibitor)
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Bare Ground is an all natural environmentally safe by-product of corn and agricultural processing. 1 gallon covers approximately 1100 sq. ft. Will not stain but may darken some surface's( limestone or concrete) however the stain will fade and return to its normal color over a period of time (depending on precipitation)

Product Features

Bare Ground does not have a shelf life. Just shake the capped container to dislodge any sediments that may have settled and Bare Ground is ready to be used again.




    QUESTION: What is Bare Ground?ANSWER: Bare Ground is an all-natural environmentally safe by-product of corn and agricultural processing. Bare Ground is non-toxic, water soluable, biodegradable and less corrosive than water.QUESTION: When should I used Bare Ground?ANSWER: Bare Ground can be used as an anti-snow prior to a snow or ice storm. Bare Ground will stop the accumulation of between 2" to 3" of snow (temperature dependent). Bare Ground is also an excellent

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5 Stars

5 gallon deicer effective wrote

Bought product to keep ahead of ice buildup. During recent severe cold snap, pre-treated concrete steps and sidewalk area. Kept ice from forming. Only problem is it stayed damp so snow formed over area. Was easy to clear off later though.

4 Stars

de-icer wrote

Used this prior to an ice/snow storm and it really helped keep it from sticking to the concrete which made for easy clearing, as it was not stuck to the concrete!! Would recommend it as a pretreatment to keep ice from sticking to concrete!!

2 Stars

No Difference Noticed wrote

I tried this product during 2 separate snow events and found no difference regarding accumulation from my neighbors that did not use the product.

5 Stars

Bareground Liquid Deicer wrote

I liked this product because it worked well as a spray in the areas I wanted to be able to clear quickly and with minimum effort. I'm 86 and not as strong as I once was so quickly loosening slabs of icy snow and pushing them out of the way easily was a great help to me. Thanks!

3 Stars


I had high hopes for this deicer. I have a steep driveway that gets slippery even with fastidious care. The liquid deicer improved the efficacy of my salt/ shoveling be definitely did not prevent snow and ice accumulation as I'd hoped.