Bare Ground De-Icer

Since 1996, Bare Ground has been living up to its name by developing and supplying effective, environmentally friendly deicer products. At A.M. Leonard, we're committed to helping professionals deal with the hassles of winter -- and Bare Ground is the best place to start.

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Viewing 1 - 4   4 Items

For superior snow removal that halts snow and ice before it can cause problems, check out our Bare Ground Anti-Snow/De-Icer Spray. This innovative snow removal solution is utilized by transportation departments across the country. It's biodegradable, environmentally friendly, safe for pets, and can last up to two weeks on a single spray.

Bare Ground works by stopping snow and ice from sticking to the ground. One gallon is enough to cover surfaces of up to 1,100 square feet, nearly 8 times the coverage of snow salts. Our customers love how Bare Ground helps reduce time and effort clearing snow after a storm.

Team with Bare Ground and A.M. Leonard to access the most advanced and unique developments in snow removal technology. Browse our snow removal selection today and get the upper hand on the coming winter months.