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Won't harm fish or other plants!

The use of barley straw for controlling algae in ponds is becoming more common, but actually dates back to the 1990's in England where they found it to be quite effective. Barley straw when exposed to sunlight and in the presense of oxygen, produces a chemical that inhibits algae growth. It will not kill existing algae, but rather controls new growth of algae. Barley flakes are actually the barley grain, which begins to clarify the pond water in about half the time as traditional barley straw and will last approximately 3 months.
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  • Ingredients: Barley flakes
  • Flakes come in a poly micro mesh bag that is placed intact in the water. The barley flakes degrade over the next three months. When finished, remove micro mesh bag from pond and discard, replace with new one as necessary

Product Features

  • Clear-Water Barley Flakes keeps the water in your pond clean and clear
  • Safe, natural way to control algae, won't harm fish or other pond plants.

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