BCS Tillers

Since 1941, BCS has been a leading manufacturer and innovator of high-performance tillers. For landscape and nursery professionals looking for fertile, soft soil, A.M. Leonard's selection of BCS tillers is a great place to start. These tillers are designed to handle the rigors of professional use and will help you prepare soil quickly without the backbreaking work.

We stock both 6.5- and 8-hp BCS tillers with swaths from 18 to 26 inches. These are high-powered machines that can provide tine speeds up to 50 times faster than the competition. Cultivating is made easy with adjustable handles that move to side to side and an automotive-style clutch. Before you know it, your plants will have the perfect bed of soil in which to grow!

BCS tillers are the perfect option for professionals looking to reduce strenuous physical work out in field. With smooth handling, easy operation, and superior tilling performance, there's plenty of reasons to make the switch to BCS. Check out A.M. Leonard's inventory today and ensure your operation is outfitted with tilling equipment that will save you time and money.