Better Bilt Earth Anchor Kit

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Simple installation, just use a heavy hammer and drive rod to drive the anchor in, set the anchor by inserting the drive rod through the loop and pull until there is no movement. Heavy holding power 300 lb, 1100 lb, and 3000 lb. The kit will support one tree and includes anchor, cable, cable clamps, and guying hose, or choose an individual anchor. In 3 sizes: 40 series; up to 3" diameter, use DR2 drive rod. 68 series; up to 6" diameter, use DR1 drive rod. 88 series; up to 11" diameter, use DR3 drive rod.
Item # Ship wt Tree Caliber Use with Stock Status 1 – 5 6 + Qty
EK68 4 lb up to 6 inches DR1 rod 1 left, while they last!
$35.38 $46.99
EK88 7 lb up to 11 inches DR3 rod 3 left, while they last!
$91.44 $135.99


  • Each anchor kit includes materials for 3 individual anchor assemblies
  • Cable is 12' long x 1/16" thick
  • Three anchors have a 300 lb holding capacity
  • For trees up to 3" diameter thickness

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