BioBee BioAnagyrus Mealybug Control

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BioBee BioAnagyrus Mealybug Control

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Controls mealybugs the natural way!

The Anagyrus pseudococci is a solitary endoparasitoid that targets the citrus mealybug and the grape mealybug. BioBee, a world leader in integrated pest management (IPM), packs each of these bottles with around 550 Anagyrus wasp mummies. Once open, a 9-millimeter hole allows the adult wasps to leave the bottle in search of new hosts.

The adult female wasp of Anagyrus lays her eggs singly inside third instar larvae and young female mealybugs; it may also parasitize larvae in earlier stages. The parasitoid larva hatches and feeds on the internal organs of its host. Anagyrus completes five larval stages of development followed by the pupal stage. The latter appears within the hardened skin of the dying mealybug, called a mummy. The adult emerges from the host through an irregular exit hole gnawed at the posterior end of the mummy. With enough mealybugs, a single Anagyrus wasp can produce more than 30 offspring throughout its lifetime.

The Anagyrus wasp targets pests that feed on grapes, citrus, and blueberries. To use, hang the open container in a shaded place near the infested area. The wasps will fly out from the bottle in search of mealybugs. Combine these wasps with the Cryptolaemus predatory beetle for maximum control of mealybugs.

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Product Information

Product Specs
  • Species name: Anagyrus pseudococci
  • Target pests: Mealybugs
  • Crops: Table grapes, vineyards, citrus, blueberries, vegetables, and ornamentals
  • Packing medium: Sawdust
  • Approximate number of insects: 550
Product Features
  • Bottle contains 550 ready-to-emerge insects packed in sawdust
  • Honey-soaked paper feeds the insects prior to emerging
  • Adhesive outer surface
Product Benefits
  • A completely natural method of mealybug control
  • Adhesive outer surface prevents harmful ants from entering the bottle
  • At least 50% of the mummies yield adult female wasps
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