BioPlex® 5-in-1 Planting Granules

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The go-to solution to minimize transplant stress for trees and shrubs! Protect that investment with BioPlex!

A complete, comprehensive, cost effective approach to establishing new plantings. Excellent for large and small trees, shrubs, and flowers. Slow-release digestible nutrients for larger and healthier root masses. Reduces stress symptoms. Increases drought/flood tolerance. Plants are established faster, with much better survival rates. Reduces soil compaction and much more!
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BP51-50 50 lb Container In Stock $342.09 $317.73
BP51-7 7 lb Container In Stock $59.99 $54.82


  • Available in 7-Lb and 50-Lb containers

Product Features

  • Called "5-In-1" Because it contains: Bio-Plex Biostimulant for plant and root health Endo-Ecto Mycorrhizae boosts stress tolerance, increases uptake Polymer Gel for hydration Natural Organic 2-3-2 Fertilizer feeds tender roots Volcanic Rock Crystal

Product Benefits

  • Slow-Release, Highly Digestible Nutrient Source
  • Drought or Excess Moisture Management
  • Improved Drought Tolerance
  • Speedier Plant Establishment
  • Increased Soil Porosity, Reduced Compaction
  • More Even Water Distribution
  • More Fib



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