BioPlex Drip Irrigation Tree Rings

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Thorough water penetration to the roots with NO RUN OFF!

Add Bio-Plex to your drip ring to boost survival rates! These tree rings offer targeted delivery, much more effective than sprinklers. Deep soil penetration facilitates 90% moisture absorption. Use season after season - HDPE/UV treated for a life expectancy of 3-10 years.
Item # Capacity Stock Status 1 – 23 24 + Qty
TRJ10 10 gallons, 2-3 hour drip time. Maximum tree diameter 4 inches In Stock $30.99 $28.99
TRR25 25 gallons, 3-4 hour drip time. Maximum tree diameter 10 inches In Stock $50.99 $48.99


  • 4-inch maximum tree diameter
  • Weighs 3 lbs empty
  • Height: 8 inches
  • 10 gallons, 2-3 hour drip time
  • 24-inch outside diameter
  • 10-inch maximum tree diameter
  • Weighs 7 lbs empty
  • Height: 10 inches
  • 25 gallons, 3-4 hour drip time
  • 36-inch outside diameter

Product Features

  • Made of High Density Polyethelyne (HDPE)
  • UV treated for a life expectancy of 3-10 years

Product Benefits

  • Thorough water penetration to the roots with NO RUN OFF.

Review Summary (Based on 4 Reviews)

5 Stars

Time saver Stefanie from ID wrote October 05, 2017

I love these tree rings. They save so much time and I can make sure my fruit trees are getting the amount of water they need when the hot weather hits. I have 4 now and will buy more if needed.

5 Stars

Very helpful Landscaper, tree planting and maintenance. from MO wrote August 31, 2017

This puts the water where it should be near the roots. We water over 600 trees for the city of Springfield and this makes our job much easier and more efficient.

5 Stars

Very good product and the water seeps in slowly which is what we wanted Deedee V. from AZ wrote March 07, 2017

We needed something just like this. Now we need something that puts water out slowly at the drip line of very big trees without dragging a soaker hose around the yard

4 Stars

Excellent product Steven C. from TX wrote August 26, 2013

Using nine of the 25 gallon tubs this summer, I've had zero tree loss due in large part to the use of this product during our typical hot summers. I would have given five stars, except the small holes can be easily plugged up with debris. I simply rinse the tubs out which frees the debris and they are ready for use. Well constructed, and less of a visual eye sore as compared to the "Gator" type bags.

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