BioPlex is dedicated to helping your plants, trees, and shrubs survive and thrive. And at A.M. Leonard, we stock a variety of BioPlex tools and products that will help. From advanced liquid blends to irrigation tools, here you'll find what you need to make the transplanting process easy, quick, and effective.

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Viewing 1 - 6   6 Items

The popular BioPlex Transplant Enhancer is an advanced liquid formula that delivers a variety of beneficial nutrients to help promote fast root growth. This blend is made of seaweed extract, humic acid extract, and enzymes -- a formula designed to help your plants survive while minimizing stress, wilting, and flagging. Used by growers, greenhouses, tree diggers, and nurseries, this product has no shortage of beneficial applications.

Like plant formulas, high-quality irrigation systems are essential for developing strong root systems and healthy growth. A.M. Leonard offers a BioPlex Drip Irrigation Tree Ring that delivers water and nutrients exactly where your trees need it most. UV treated and built to last for up to a decade, this durable ring offers multiple seasons of effective drip irrigation.

If you're looking to invest in the health and survival of your plants, BioPlex is a great place to start. These products offer many innovative and effective solutions to keep your investments happy and healthy. Check out A.M. Leonard's BioPlex selection today.