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Biostrate Felt, 10in x 20in Sheet, Pack of 10

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Optimize Hydroponic Microgreens with pH-Balanced Biostrate Felt.

Designed specifically for hydroponic microgreen production. Creates an optimal environment for dense healthy root development by absorbing and retaining water. A blend of biopolymers and natural fibers designed to manage water efficiently. pH balanced. Ready to plant with no pretreatment required. Light weight and easy to use. Compostable.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • 10" x 20"
  • Pack of 10
Product Warranty Information

  • This product is covered under A.M. Leonard's exclusive 30-Day Down to Earth Guarantee. Click Here for more Details.
Product Features
  • Holds the optimal amount of water
  • Roots are supported
  • pH balanced
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the Biostrate Felt and what is it used for?
Biostrate Felt is a specially designed material for hydroponic microgreen production which creates an ideal environment for root development. It is made up of a blend of biopolymers and natural fibers that manage water efficiently and retain water for healthy root growth.

2. What are the features of the Biostrate Felt production sheet?
The Biostrate Felt is pH balanced and is beneficial for dense & healthy root development. It comes in a pack of 10 sheets measuring 10 inches by 20 inches each, which are compostable, lightweight, and easy to use. The roots are supported and the felt holds the optimal amount of water.

3. Does the Biostrate Felt require any special pretreatment?
No, Biostrate Felt is ready to be used right out of the package and does not require any special pretreatment.

4. How does the Biostrate Felt product benefit gardening and landscaping efforts?
The Biostrate Felt is specifically designed for hydroponic microgreen production and is ideal for those interested in sustainable, waste-reducing gardening and landscaping efforts. It is pH balanced, easy to use, and holds the optimal amount of water required for dense and healthy root growth, making it a great solution for smaller spaces and urban gardeners alike.

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