Since 1964, Bird-X has been a leading provider of pest and critter control solutions. If ducks, rabbits, rats and other critters are invading your property and causing damage to your trees and plants, turn to A.M. Leonard's supply of Bird-X products to find a lasting and humane solution.

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Viewing 1 - 7   7 Items

If you're frustrated with complicated live traps, take a look at Bird-X decoys. These large, lifelike 3D coyotes and gator heads are easy to install and will frighten away unwanted ducks, geese, and rabbits. Like live traps, a decoy is a humane, simple, and safe solution to your critter control problems. Nothing drives away pesky animal intruders like their natural predators!

If roosting birds are becoming a problem, check out our selection of Bird-X's roost-inhibiting spikes. These can be installed on signs, ledges, and other landing areas to prevent birds from settling in. One happy customer writes that the spikes "worked like a charm" and are "simple to use."

When it comes to keeping your plants and property clear of critters, trust A.M. Leonard and Bird-X to provide effective and reliable solutions. Check out our selection today and find the perfect decoy to discourage unwanted guests!