Black/White Biodegradable Mulch Film, 0.7 Mil, 48" x 4,000'

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This black & white film reduces labor costs by biodegrading into the soil!

There are two significant issues with using mulch film. The first is the amount of non-recyclable waste. The second is the labor involved with removal at the end of the season. Organix AG Biodegradable Mulch Film solves both problems with a film that completely biodegrades on its own. Mulch film is a necessity if you are growing fruits & vegetables in the field. During your production cycle, this biodegradable film reduces weed problems and enhances moisture control. The black & white coloration reflects some light back into the soil, increasing soil temperature. This process improves growth rate and extends your growing season. You will even notice a reduction in the amount of water needed to irrigate crops. This film also mitigates fungus issues caused by rain splashing on the soil. Organix A.G. Film offers excellent stretch properties and a simple perforation. These factors make it easy to lay using existing equipment. At the end of the growing cycle, you can plow the film into the soil. Temperature, humidity, and micro-organisms in the soil will turn Organix A.G. Film into biomass, water, and CO2. This breakdown leaves no harmful residue and requires no additional labor for removal. Organix proudly manufactures this product in the USA! Also available in blackand clear.
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