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Bosch CORE18V Battery Kit with Charger

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Maximum power with minimal weight!

The Bosch CORE18V is a next-gen lithium-ion battery. This single-layer battery utilizes 21700 cell technology to output the same amount of power as their original dual-layer version. It also features CoolPack 2.0 technology. CoolPack manages the heat of the higher power-density cells, cooling the battery 20 percent faster than previous versions. Bosch also includes a fast-charging base. Bosch designed their CORE18V battery to work with their 18-volt cordless tools including their D-Handle Reciprocating Saw. The Bosch dual-stage charger recharges the battery to full in only one hour. Standard charging mode brings the battery to 80 percent in only 48 minutes. After reaching 80 percent, the charger switches to long-life mode to finish the process. Built-in indicator lights show the current stage in the recharging process. The Bosch CORE18V battery provides maximum power with minimal weight. In fact, it weighs in at a little over a pound! Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to take it wherever you go.
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