Brinly Hardy Landscaping Supplies

Brinly Hardy A.M. Leonard is proud to offer a great selection of products from Brinly Hardy, a leading provider of high-quality aerators, dethatcher tractor attachments, lawn rollers, and other landscaping supplies since 1839. Brinly Hardy products have long been favored by horticultural professionals for their durability, performance, and superior build.

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Viewing 1 - 4   4 Items

Help keep your lawns free of lumps and flat as can be with Brinly Hardy lawn rollers. The best-selling Brinly Hardy push/tow lawn roller is a durable option that fills to 270 pounds and won't rust or dent. Its poly construction ensures a low shipping weight but sturdy, long-lasting performance. Easy to set up and use, this lawn roller is a great choice for your lawn care needs. Plus Brinly Hardy supplies a 2-year limited warranty!

If you're looking for that golf-course-green coloring for your lawn, check out our Brinly Hardy Tow-Behind Plug-Type Aerator, featuring 32 carbonized steel tines and independently rotating plug aerators. This tow-behind model features solid interchangeable tires that are able to handle the rigors of professional use.

Whether you're a professional landscaper or home gardener, you'll stop at nothing for the perfect lawn. At A.M. Leonard, we get it ? and we are proud to offer superior-quality lawn care products from Brinly Hardy that will help you keep your lawn healthy and beautiful year-round. Check out our selection today!