BRUSHBAR Invasive Brush Removal Tool and Pry Bar

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BRUSHBAR Invasive Brush Removal Tool and Pry Bar

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The BRUSHBAR tackles a multitude of landscaping and forestry tasks!

The BRUSHBAR is an industrial-grade, multi-purpose pry bar. This unique tool features a lightweight yet durable wooden platform. Extra-thick steel brackets bolt this 11-inch-wide, 9-1/4-inch-long platform into place. The BRUSHBAR's two-piece handle has a thick 7/8-inch by 7/8-inch solid steel pry bar shank set at a 45-degree angle. This shank extends 34 inches into the 67-inch structural steel handle for reinforcement at critical stress points. The steel wall handle offers two length positions, starting at 71 inches and extending to 73-1/2 inches. A heavy-duty clevis pin locks the tool into pace for toolless adjustment.

This versatile tool tackles a multitude of landscaping and forestry tasks. It makes short work of removing invasive woody brushes like honeysuckle, barberry, buckthorn, burning bush, and privet. It is also an excellent demolition tool and works well for prying up rocks, tearing out slabs, or shifting large pieces of stone or paving blocks into place. Landscapers, forestry professionals, and conservation groups will find the BRUSHBAR especially useful as a chemical-free method of removing overgrown evergreens and shrubs.

The BRUSHBAR Invasive Brush Removal Tool and Pry Bar is truly unique. Its pivoting wood base acts as a footstep to allow you to insert the steel tip between plant roots. Once in place, the base acts as a fulcrum providing a powerful 8:1 leverage advantage; applying a mere 100 pounds of downward pressure on the handle yields over 1,000 pounds of upward pressure at the tip!

This pry bar is as durable as it is effective. The heavy-duty handle and thick steel brackets have a powder coating to protect them from rust and corrosion. The wooden platform is sealed for extra-long service life. As a bonus, this product is 100% made in the USA and covered by a lifetime warranty!


Product Information

Product Specs
  • Ship weight (pounds): 27
  • Tool length (inches): 71 extending to 73-1/2
  • Platform material: Wood
  • Platform width (inches): 11
  • Platform length (inches): 9-1/4
  • Handle material: Structural steel
  • Handle length (inches): 67
  • Shank material: Steel
  • Shank width (inches): 7/8
  • Shank tip angle (degrees): 45
  • Shank tip length (inches): 2-1/2
  • Industrial-grade, multi-purpose pry bar
  • Sealed 2-by platform
Product Features
  • Poweful 8:1 leverage advantage quickly and easily yeilds over 1000lb up upward force!
  • Designed for quick, perminate, and chemical free removal of invasive woody brush
  • A handy demolition tool for landscapers, the BRUSHBAR allows for quick tear out of shrubs and bushes small and large.
  • Clear and maintain properties, parks, and nature without the use of chemicals
  • Useful for many landscape task - pry up rocks, tear out slabs, shift large pieces of stone or paving blocks into place.
  • Steel handle and brackets are powder coated and wood platform is sealed offering a long service life
Additional Product Information
  • Assembly Instructions
PFR Warranty
  • Lifetime Warranty
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