Buckingham ArborMaster Master II Work Positioning Saddle

Buckingham ArborMaster Master II Work Positioning Saddle
3 Fixed D-Rings and 6 Sewn Tie In Loops provide extreme versatility. This saddle design provides multiple attachment points for overhead suspension. Building on the basic concept of 3-and 4- dee ring saddles, this style provides more comfort, versatility, and safety. Better wide back support with firmer filler, no-pinch hip straps, and convenient accessory loops make this saddle a pleasure to use, day after day. Lightweight, comfortable, versatile step-in saddle, with individual padded leg straps for comfort and free movement, Interlocking buckles on leg straps, straps also include polymer clip to keep straps from loosening, two adjustable friction buckles on the unique waist strap. Offers all the connection points of 3-and 4- dee saddles, with less weight.

Sizing Note: Typical waist size plus 1" to 1-1/2", allowing for seasonal clothing.

Not for fall arrest.
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13902-XS XS 26in - 30in Out of Stock
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Step-in saddle, center dee ring, split tail climbing system allows for dual attachment, work position dee ring, individually padded leg straps with less strap between legs for greater mobility, leg straps adjustable with polymer clip to prevent loosening,


Manufacturer supplies a one year warranty.

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