Bird Repellent

Invading geese, roosting pigeons, and other winged nuisances are common problems for gardeners and landscapers. At A.M. Leonard, you have access to innovative and effective bird repellent and bird control products designed to keep birds away and protect your property from damage. Shop below and find the right repellents to protect your property.
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One simple bird repellent solution to protect your trees and plants is our UV-resistant polypropylene bird netting. These lightweight and durable nets can be draped over shrubs, fruit trees, crops, and other plants to stop hungry birds in their tracks. You'll get the benefit of a bird-free garden without chemicals or plant growth interference.

We also stock goose repellents from top brands like Rejex-it and Messina Wildlife. These sprays render grass and plants distasteful to geese and other small herbivores, forcing them to relocate to greener pastures.

If roosting birds are your problem, check out our selection of roost-inhibiting spikes. These can be placed on ledges, signs, and other landing areas to discourage birds from moving in. A.M. Leonard customers rave that our bird repellents "worked like a charm" and are "simple to use."

Whatever bird is giving you and your landscape a hard time, trust A.M. Leonard to provide the bird repellent spray and bird control products you need to find an effective solution.