Erosion Control

If you are looking for effective and responsible erosion control products A.M. Leonard has you, and your land, covered. We offer a range of erosion control netting and weed barrier products from top brands in the industry. Shop below and check out the rest of our landscaping tools and landscape management supplies!
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Here you will find a wide selection of quality single- and double-net fabrics, biodegradable erosion control netting, poly mulch sheeting, straw blanket fabric, anchor pins, and more. Our customers love our selection of Curlex products, which are ideal for quick re-vegetation of slopes and waterways. These well-built green nets help the soil retain moisture and provide a protective blanket for germinating seeds, allowing them to establish and then degrading into the ground. The fibers of the netting are made from aspen wood, which is a renewable resource. Another effective, biodegradable erosion control option is our straw blanket single nets, which are woven together with degradable thread and have a 12-month life.

We are your one-stop shop for erosion control netting and weed barrier supplies. Whether you're working on commercial installations or residential slopes, you'll find the right products for every erosion control project, large or small.