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Whether you are a professional on the job site, or an enthusiast working at home, safety is the highest priority. A.M. Leonard offers a unique selection of popular safety glasses and safety goggles from top brands like Elvex, Pyramex, Sperian, Hercules, PlugSafety, and more. This is superior eye protection paired with comfort and style.
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  1. Crews Bear Kat Face-Hugging Safety Glasses
    Crews Bear Kat Face-Hugging Safety Glasses
  2. Image 2 of the Crews Bear Kat Face-Hugging Safety Glasses Clear Lenses
    Crews Bear Kat Face-Hugging Safety Glasses Clear Lenses
  3. GOLIATH Safety Glasses
    GOLIATH Safety Glasses
  4. Image 4 of the Safety Glasses 12 Pack Gray
    Safety Glasses, 12 Pack, Gray
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Here you will find a wide range of safety glasses, anti-fog safety goggles, splash goggles, emergency eyewash kits, cords, and more. We stock dozens of safety glasses from customer-preferred brands like Elvex. The best-selling Elvex Xenon is an extremely lightweight model that emphasizes style and comfort. This pair offers effective safety features as well as 99.9% UV-light protection. Elvex glasses come in a variety of versions, including clear, gray, silver mirror, indoor/outdoor, and polarized. Not sure which color you need? Check out our Safety Glasses Color Guide for more information.

If your crew is in need of professional-grade safety goggles, check out the I-Force Double Lens Anti-Fog Goggles. These are designed to eliminate the usual bulk and heaviness associated with goggles, and -- no matter how hard you try -- will not fog up.

Once you experience commercial-grade eye protection from A.M. Leonard, you'll never look back. Say goodbye to glasses that slip down your nose, block your peripheral vision, or refuse to fit around your head -- we offer superior quality, protection, and fit for superior professionals.