Landscaping and gardening are physically demanding work that is generally done in the warmer months. When summer arrives, the hot temperatures and high humidity make staying hydrated a top priority to prevent fatigue, headaches, muscle cramps, and lost hours of work. A.M. Leonard carries a variety of products to make sure your crew of workers stays well hydrated during hot weather.
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  1. Image 2 of the Igloo Commercial Grade Cooler Yellow 3gal
    Commercial-Grade Cooler, Yellow, 3-Gallon Capacity by Igloo
  2. Image 1 of the Sqwincher 2.5gal Dry Pack Lemon Lime
    Sqwincher 2.5gal Dry Pack Lemon Lime
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Doing physical work outside in hot weather is one of the quickest ways to become dehydrated. The body loses not just fluids but electrolytes as well. Staying hydrated doesn't just keep you more comfortable ' it helps the body to work more effectively. We carry quality commercial-grade Igloo coolers in sizes from three to ten gallons. They are more rugged and durable than coolers designed for outdoor recreation. Commercial grade Igloo coolers keep water or other hydrating drinks cold for an extended period. Some models feature replaceable parts, so you know the product you buy today will be yours to use for years to come. We also carry replacement spigots for Igloo coolers.

These coolers are easy to use with any drink mixes, drink powders, or drink concentrates. We carry quality Sqwincher hydrating drink mixes. When the body sweats, fluid and electrolytes are lost. Drink mixes containing electrolytes, such as Sqwincher, are more likely to keep your crew from dehydrating. These hydrating drink mixes replenish both the fluid and electrolytes the body loses from sweat, while water only replaces the fluid but not the electrolytes.