Insect Control

If your plants' leaves are wilted, chewed up, and distorted, you could have an insect problem. There is no shortage of insects that can cause headaches for gardeners and landscapers. Help protect your flowers, trees, and vegetation from fruit flies, mosquitos, leafhoppers, fungus gnats, midges, thrips, aphids, and many other pesky critters with help from A.M. Leonard's line of insect control products.
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Flying insects are some of the hardest to control, but with our popular sticky traps you will finally succeed in eliminating winged pests from your garden. These non-toxic strips are easy to install and are a great alternative to spays. The yellow and blue coloring helps attract aphids, whiteflies, leafminers, fungus gnats, and thrips, leaving your yard free from potential damage.

To protect yourself from Lyme-disease carrying ticks and biting mosquitoes, check out our selection of Ben's DEET-based sprays. These powerful repellants can provide hours of protection while you are outside on the job.

Neither wasp nor fruit fly will escape your reach with help from A.M. Leonard. Browse our inventory of effective insect control products and rid your lawn, garden and landscape of those pesky bugs.