Seed Starting Supplies

Getting an early start on plants is important, but nature is not always willing to cooperate with early propagation. Enter: indoor growing. Seed starting allows horticulturists to enjoy green, healthy plants year-round no matter the climate. A.M. Leonard has the trays, pots, mats, and other seed starting supplies you need to grow healthy, strong plants indoors any time of year.
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  1. Image 2 of the Jiffy Poly Pak 3.5"x4" Square
    Jiffy Poly Pak 3.5"x4" Square
  2. Image 2 of the Jiffy Strip Deep 2.25"x6" Square
    Jiffy Strip Deep 2.25"x6" Square
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Jiffy pots allow you to transplant the pot and all when it is time to add your seedlings to their prepared garden beds. We carry individual pots in a variety of sizes in both round and square shapes. Trays of square-shaped Jiffy pots are also available in various sizes so you can combine the ease of using trays with the benefits of Jiffy pots. Jiffy peat pellets provide a simple and easy way to plant propagation. Both predrilled and compressed pellets are available. Predrilled pellets are good for plant propagation while compressed pellets expand with water and are great for seeds.

In addition to pots, our greenhouse supplies include seedling heat mats, soil warming cables, thermostats, timers, grow lights and other seed starting supplies to make sure the optimal growing conditions are constantly maintained. Give your plants the best start they can possibly have and shop our seed starting products above!