Any professional landscaper or gardener will tell you: using no blade is better than using a dull one. From pruners and soil knives to mowers and chainsaws, many tools in your lineup require regular sharpening to maintain optimal performance. A.M. Leonard stocks a wide variation of sharpening tools fit for all types of equipment. Sharpening stones, grinders, belts, and files -- whatever you need to keep a sharp edge, you will find it here.
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Customers love our multi-purpose WorkSharp Knife and Tool Sharpener, an all-in-one tool that will keep your pruners, scissors, and grafting knives honed and ready for action. For landscapers reliant on sharp-bladed mowers, the Oregon Mower Blade Grinder is an essential tool in your arsenal. Its 1750 RPM motor quickly and effectively sharpens to perfection.

If you're looking for a more portable sharpening tool, we offer a variety of handheld options, like the Accu-Sharp Garden Sharpener, the customer-favorite Swiss Sharpener, and a variety of sharpening stones. These are great options for keeping your smaller gardening tools and knives in shape.

A.M. Leonard understands that horticultural work lives and dies by precision and quality, and we're committed to offering a selection of sharpening tools that will keep your high-performance equipment optimized.