Skin Protection

Poison ivy, mosquito/tick bites, and sunburns; there's no shortage of hazards facing landscapers and professional gardeners on a daily basis. Be sure you and your workers are protected with A.M. Leonard's line of high-quality skin protection products. We stock effective treatments from top names like Tecnu, Ben's, and more.
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  1. Image 1 of the Tecnu Poison Ivy Prevention Cleansing Treatment 12oz
    Tecnu Poison Ivy Prevention Cleansing Treatment 12oz.
  2. Image 1 of the Tecnu Extreme Poison Ivy Scrub
    Tecnu Extreme Poison Ivy Scrub
  3. Image 1 of the Close Encounters Wasp Spray
    Close Encounters Wasp Spray
  4. Image 1 of the Calagel Medicated Anti Itch Gel
    Calagel Medicated Anti-Itch Gel
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If you work in or around poison ivy, our Tecnu Poison Ivy Prevention Cleansing Treatment is a must-have on the job. This unique formula helps break down the oils in poison ivy, poison oak, and sumac, treating your skin before a rash can develop and protecting you from recontamination. It is also a great option for decontaminating work clothing and tools.

For those out and about in gardens, effective mosquito and tick repellant is essential. A.M. Leonard stocks Ben's, a 100% DEET-based spray that offers long-lasting protection against biting mosquitos and Lyme-disease-carrying ticks. On hotter days, pair the spray with a shade-providing Cool Flapp attachment for your cap and enjoy full protection against all types of skin hazards.

Your skin is with you for the long haul, so ensure you protect it while out on the job with help from A.M. Leonard. Our line of reliable skin protection products will keep you safe and comfortable no matter the season.