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Landscapers are often transporting large plants and trees from the nursery to the job site, and cleaning up any debris along the way. At A.M. Leonard, we have got the slings and carriers needed to make the job a breeze. We also offer a variety of heavy-duty lawn bags and leaf bags that are perfect for the big clean up jobs. No matter the project, here you will find the landscaping slings and carriers that will help you get it done quickly and effectively.
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It is often difficult to transport trees from the nursery to the job site. Help prevent damage to your investment with a plant support that works to prevent rolling, shifting, or bouncing during the trip. Once the trees are safely at the job site, our nursery carriers and slings help make it easier to get them from the truck to their destination.

Transplanting from containers to landscapes often requires multiple trips back and forth. Our line of can handlers can help workers carry four plants instead of two, effectively cutting in half the number of trips needed to finish the job.

Trimming shrubs, pruning flowers, and mowing produces quite a bit of debris. Cleaning up is easier with our lawn bags and leaf bags. If it is a big cleanup job, the clippings will fit neatly into our foldable, puncture-resistant lawn bags. They are available in several sizes up to 27 cubic feet. For smaller messes, our debris totes and bags are just the thing. They will not rot or mildew and can handle up to two cubic feet of debris.